Sacred Sorrow

God has given a significant part of the scripture to sorrows people experienced. We will dive into that sacred aspect of humanity to see what we can learn about God, sorrows we experience can become a means of our growth and maturity in our faith journey. Here is the book with the same title, if you are interested you can read along and join us in the journey.( This book is available at other places too.

Sacred Sorrow: David: A Life Fashioned for Lament – Psalm 13 – Rev. Rajiv Pathik - May 2, 2021 -

Sacred Sorrow: Job: Frustrated Lamenter – Job 1-2 – Rev. Rajiv Pathik - April 25, 2021 -

Sacred Sorrow: Introduction – Psalm 22: 1-15 – Rev. Rajiv Pathik - April 11, 2021 -