Welcome to Good Samaritan United Methodist Church. We are a multicultural congregation in Cupertino, California with a passion to build and grow Jesus’ disciples.

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In light of recent events at the General Conference of the United Methodist Church, Good Samaritan United Methodist Church reaffirms that we are a reconciling congregation:

The Good Samaritan United Methodist Church believes all persons are created in God’s image and are of sacred worth. We seek to include all God’s children in God’s church and vow to respect and intentionally embrace our shared belief in the Word and Light embodied by Christ Jesus. We celebrate our diversity and welcome all into the full life of the church regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental capacity, education, religious background, family configuration, and marital or economic status.

In case there is any doubt, we are committed to:

  • Outreach, welcome, and ministry with and for LGBTQ persons in the local setting.
  • Creating ongoing opportunities to engage in dialogue, build relationships, and advocate for the necessary changes to the discriminatory statements and policies in our Book of Discipline including those that prohibit same-sex marriage officiated by UM clergy, same-sex marriage ceremonies held in our sanctuaries, and the ordination of gay and lesbian persons called to ministry.

At Good Samaritan Church, we believe in God’s transforming power in our lives and in the world. Trusting in Jesus’s answer to the question “Who is my neighbor?”, we reach across cultural, societal and economic boundaries to support the hurting, to call for justice, and to broaden the circle of God’s inclusive love. LEARN MORE >

Pastoral Message

Tuesday, February 27, 2019

Many of you have heard about the General Conference decision and are hurting deeply. As your pastor I want to assure you that at Good Samaritan Church all are welcome. All are invited in deeper relationship with Christ and to grow in Christian discipleship. Good Sam is a welcoming place for all and therefore do not lose hope. Keep on praying and remember people around you, who might be hurting and need of a family, let them know that Good Sam is a family for all.

All Are Welcome

UMC News

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

At the 2019 Special Called Session of the General Conference, Rev. Donna Pritchard, chair of the Western Jurisdiction Leadership Team made this statement on behalf of Western Jurisdiction Leadership:

“We have long appreciated the richness of the global diversity of our United Methodist Church and have embraced opportunities to join with you all in the work of making disciples for the transformation of the world.

“We also understand the purpose of the Church to be in mission and ministry. Consequently, we in the West have been functioning for years as One Church committed to full inclusion, seeking to be a home for all God’s people.

“Today we acknowledge the fracture of this body, yet we worship a God who tells us that the body of Christ has many parts, all equally valued. Rooted in Wesleyan tradition, grounded in Scripture and committed to mission and ministry, the Western Jurisdiction intends to continue to be one church, fully inclusive and open to all God’s children, across the theological and social spectrum.

“We know from experience we are stronger when we live together as progressives, traditionalists and centrists in our Church. Many times during this Conference we have sung or prayed or blessed each other with the reminder that we need each other.

Thank you.”

In two weeks, the leadership of the Western Jurisdiction will meet. We want to be clear that the leadership of the Western Jurisdiction believes in one church for all. Mission and ministry is too important. This is where we stand, we are not moving, we are not leaving, and we are not changing.



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