Less Than Perfect Christmas

Even though we strive to make Christmas the most joyful, wonderful and celebratory time of the year, in reality what we read in the holy scripture is entirely different. It was a difficult, doubtful, painful, and even violent time. It is very obvious. The stable was stinky and messy. We will dive into this series seeing that many lives related with the Christmas story were actually difficult messes, and the place where Jesus was born - in a stable - must have been surrounded by messy and stinky animals. But from those messes and from that stink, the Savior was born. It can get stinky and messy and still be Christmas

Christmas Sermon – Rev. Rajiv PathikDecember 24, 2022

Herod: Insecure, Cruel King – Matthew 2: 1-8; 16-18 – Rev. Rajiv PathikDecember 18, 2022

Shepherds: Unusual Messengers – Luke 2:8-20 – Rev. Rajiv PathikDecember 11, 2022

Joseph: Reluctant Father – Matthew 1: 18-25 – Rev. Rajiv PathikDecember 4, 2022