Characters Surrounding the Crucifixion

Good Samaritan Church invites you for the months of March and April to study and meditate upon “Characters Around the Crucifixion” as part of your Lent. We will learn that we all exhibit different characters in our relationship with God. Let us learn to be like our Christ through study and remind ourselves God’s amazing grace, which was expressed on the cross for us all.

主的复活 (Jesus Is Risen)4月 12, 2020

耶稣受难日祷告崇拜 (Good Friday Mandarin Service) by Helen Kung4月 10, 2020

骑驴进入耶路撒冷 (Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem) by Helen Kung4月 5, 2020

生命在主,复活也在主 (Lord Is The Resurrection and the Life) by Helen Kung3月 29, 2020

Simon of Cyrene: Who Helped Him – Mark 15: 21-244月 7, 2019

Simon Peter: Who Denied Him – Luke 22: 54-62; John 21: 15-173月 31, 2019

Pontius Pilate: Who Condemned Him – Matthew 27: 11-263月 24, 2019CNN Video: What we know about Pontius Pilate

Judas: Who Betrayed Him – Luke 22: 1-6, 21-23, 47-483月 17, 2019

Lazarus: Who Was Raised – John 11: 38-443月 10, 2019

Watch and Wait – Numbers 9: 15-233月 3, 2019