Chinese Sermons 華語證道系列 2019

Mandarin Worship Sermons by Helen Kung focus on Lectionary selections and consider the teaching of Jesus Christ.

讚美神的名 (Praise God’s Name)” by Helen Kung22 12 月, 2019

愛主的詩歌 (My Soul Magnifies the Lord) by Helen Kung15 12 月, 2019

“伊利莎白 (Elizabeth)” by Rev Rajiv Pathik and Helen Kung.8 12 月, 2019

警醒预备 (Keep Watch and Be Ready) by Helen Kung1 12 月, 2019

基督至尊和解者 (Christ the Supreme Reconciler)24 11 月, 2019

常存忍耐保全灵魂 (Stand Firm and Win) by Helen Kung17 11 月, 2019

慷慨的给予 (Give Generously) by Rev. Rajiv Pathik and Helen Kung10 11 月, 2019

“撒该得救 (Saving Zacchaeus)” by Helen Kung.3 11 月, 2019

神国的義人 (Righteousness in God’s Kingdom) by Helen Kung27 10 月, 2019

学习信心的祷告 (Learn How to Pray in Faith) by 吴偉牧师.20 10 月, 2019