Chinese Sermons 華語證道系列 2020

Mandarin Worship Sermons by Helen Kung focus on Lectionary selections and consider the teaching of Jesus Christ.

骑驴进入耶路撒冷 (Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem) by Helen Kung4月 5, 2020

生命在主,复活也在主 (Lord Is The Resurrection and the Life) by Helen Kung3月 29, 2020

面对诱惑 (Facing Temptation) by Helen Kung3月 1, 2020

洗礼的必要性 (Need for A Baptism) by Pastor Rajiv Pathik and Helen Kung2月 23, 2020

基督所教的公义 (Righteousness taught by Christ) by Helen Kung2月 16, 2020

成全神的律法 (Fulfill God’s Law) by Helen Kung2月 9, 2020

神的公义 (The Righteousness of God) by Helen Kung2月 2, 2020

黑暗中见真光 (Seeing a Great Light In the Dark) by Helen Kung1月 26, 2020

公义彰顯 (Righteousness Revealed) by Helen Kung1月 5, 2020