Chinese Sermons 華語證道系列 2020

Mandarin Worship Sermons by Helen Kung focus on Lectionary selections and consider the teaching of Jesus Christ.

我遇見的耶穌 (Jesus who I have met) by 李传道5 7 月, 2020

我们的使命 (Our Great Commission) by 孔李立德传道7 6 月, 2020

2020年 圣灵降临节三堂合一 联合崇拜 (2020 Good Sam UMC Pentecost Service)31 5 月, 2020

耶稣被升上天 (Jesus Is Lifted Up) by 孔李立德传道24 5 月, 2020

好心有好报?(A good reward for a good deed?) by 范琴琴传道17 5 月, 2020

慈爱会传染 (Kindness is Contagious) by 帕提克牧师, 孔李立德传道10 5 月, 2020

丰盛的生命 (Fullest Life) by Helen Kung3 5 月, 2020

火热的心 (Hearts on Fire) by Helen Kung26 4 月, 2020

主的复活 (Jesus Is Risen)12 4 月, 2020

耶稣受难日祷告崇拜 (Good Friday Mandarin Service) by Helen Kung10 4 月, 2020