Citizenship Ministry

Good Samaritan offers a popular Citizenship class and several mock-interview groups, led by a rotating team of 15-20 volunteers, every Sunday. In 2012, we invited high school students who are native English speakers to help with the mock interviews. To date, we have groomed 10 8th grade and older students to be volunteer leaders. In the 16 years of the Citizenship ministry, the Good Samaritan UMC has helped more than 1,200 people pass their citizenship tests. Some of them have joined our church and many of them have passed it forward by becoming community volunteers.
These ministries are financially self-supporting. If you are interested in joining the ESL / Citizenship ministry in any capacity.


In the early 2000s, ESL teacher Augustine Chen received many requests to teach English related to the Citizenship interview. He started using part of his class time to teach citizenship information, and soon had more than 60 students in attendance. The Good Samaritan UMC responded by starting Sunday citizenship classes. They became so popular that we had to set boundaries in order to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all the students.