Good Sam UMC Cupertino

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Sunday Worship

We host two worship services at the Good Samaritan United Methodist Church at Homestead & Wolfe Roads: English and Mandarin.

Our style is very relaxed. Come however you are comfortable. Some of us wear ties but most wear casual, even jeans and tennis shoes, and we all enjoy being together. We are very welcoming. We all greet each other during the early minutes of worship, because we believe what scripture says that we are to make peace with one another before coming to the altar. We strive to be friendly and grow in spirit and in love. We welcome you, and we will be a better place because of your presence.

Our ENGLISH WORSHIP is at 9:00 am.

Youth In Worship

Our MANDARIN WORSHIP is at 11:00 am

Our Mandarin worship is currently looking for a new Pastor. We are here to teach people of the Bible and God’s Word, to provide people with strength. Worship is in the Mandarin language. See also our offering of ESL classes – 5 days a week!!!